Thursday, July 23, 2009

so no one told you life was gonna be this way...

i have some friends that are doing some pretty exciting things right now, and i am very proud of them. one of my friends is going to be a new mother in a couple of months, a role that's coming a little sooner than she'd expected. another friend is just settling into her new house, and she's not exactly sharing it with someone as she'd planned. a third friend is in crazy new love, reeling, every day richer and more exciting than the one before. but she has to navigate a bit of a complicated family situation in the meantime.

all of these women are in somewhat revolutionary situations, situations that were a little bit outside of the plan, that simultaneously excite and terrify each of them. i am proudly right behind them on these journeys. i am happy, they are energizing for me to share and i'm proud to be by each of their sides!

i hope that someone will be saying "i have a friend that is going back to school and starting a new career" soon, about me. that can be my next challenge. i am already "simultaneously excited and terrified" of that happening.

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