Monday, September 21, 2009

at least THIS isn't happening to me.

i was just in my coworker's office and she had a gorgeous bouquet of red roses in the corner, still wrapped up like they just were delivered from the florist. i made a quick, i'm saying-this-in-passing-and-not-prying-about-where-they-came-from comment about how pretty they were. well, she grumbled something and rolled her eyes, which is a typical move from this hardened single mom. after finishing our business, she told me the story about how she went on a date with this guy and that now he will not leave her alone. after one dinner, and a week of not calling him back, the man left 30 messages on her phone IN ONE DAY!

and you know, fellas, if that doesn't work, try the roses. she'll probably come around. because that is such a creative idea.

so if you have heard about crazy voicemail guy (, know that these dudes really are out there! scary.

i was amused by this gal's miserable story, smirking on my way back to my little office. but i was also thinking about another interesting piece- the way people that you don't really know can sort of randomly open up to you about some pretty private parts of their lives. has this happened to you? are we just catching people at an odd moment?

for example (based on actual events):

ollie: hi, how's it going?
coworker: oh i'm okay, how are you?
ollie: good.
coworker: well, my teenage daughter's pregnant.

now since my interections with someone like this are limited, that's pretty much all i know about them. so when i see this person, do i say, "hey, how's that pregnant daughter of yours? did she run away again?" because that's what i'm thinking.

oh, and about the gal that went on the date? she changed her phone number... but he obviously knows where she works!

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