Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fake boobs and c'boy boots

you guessed it! back from dallas. where there are a lot of both of the items listed above.

it was pretty damn fun.

got in about 9 on friday, and beyer and i headed to this place called humperdink's, which is a restaurant & brewery- great pick by him. much to my dismay, they didn't have a cool "humperdink's" or "butt-face amber ale" t-shirt, but we had fun there. our cute little waitress asked if i was a vegetarian after i ordered the garden burger, and it seemed like a pretty rare thing in the big D, judging by her response.... i think that the rest of the weekend proved that it actually WAS a pretty rare thing around those parts.

after staying up way too late friday night laughing at each other's friends on facebook, we sprung up saturday at 7:30 to get out to the game asap. we were parked and in the fairgrounds by 10am, after sitting in a bit of traffic and paying way too much to leave our rental car in a backyard. super gorgeous, perfect football day at a sunny 75. (we burned.)

so the game was awesome. (except for the sooners losing...) we were 11th row, right by the "o" in oklahoma- corner of the end zone. the seats were just high enough to get a good depth/view of the plays. now that we know the chants and were able to (sort of) blend in to "soonerville", i decided that we should go every year! we did get heckled a bit for our shirts- beyer had his standard ohio state and i had badgers... we got everything from "alright big ten!" to "are you two lost?" but that was funny too.

the fair had its ups and downs. i love a fair, but come on, i have pretty high standards living in MN. didn't get a really good first impression when we met really-drunk-homophobic-texas-fan in line for tickets when we got there. he yelled some slurs, almost barfed (this is all BEFORE the game, mind you, so it is before 11am), and shook beyer's hand. this was one of those times that i stared my ultrahate eyes, blood boiling, watching him so closely, so that if he even grazes up against me he is getting a push as hard as i can deliver. anyhow. here are some good and bad things about the texas state fair:


1. big midway with the texas star- the largest ferris wheel in north america!
2. nice weather
3. you can take the train to the front gate
4. the longhorns are cool
5. entire "room" out of butter- people, books, everything. (couldn't go in, though...)
6. they booked pipers there, which was nice, even though they played out on the lawn!
7. all the food that i had was good! (corn, fries, enchiladas, fried pecan pie!)
8. kitchy art deco design to the buildings, stadium, and other structures


1. you need to buy tickets for all the food & drink
2. almost all of the food vendors are "generic"- and any booth sells pretty similar stuff with maybe one different item!
3. it is basically all in one big "parking lot". not very pretty.
4. not enough variety in the food- no real "ethnic" foods except mexican
5. (so) almost no vegetarian options
6. by the time you find the one vendor with good beer you are about to leave. and i mean ONE.
7. really long lines -due to inefficient production/staff- that make you miss out on foods (deep fried butter!).

so, can you tell it's kind of "all about the food" for me??? there were other cool things, like a mini parade, and a lot of stuff we didn't fit in, but come on. the food and the variety in that and other things. they are missing a lot!

we were pooped by the end of the day, and apparently missed running into leann rimes and eddie cibrian, who were of course rooting longhorns even though i don't think either of them even went to college.

sunday we watched football and i went to the dallas museum of art. another beautiful day, and free art is always good. now i am happily at home, trying to stop my face from peeling and trying to catch the mouse in my house. :)


  1. Shoot!! I was hoping you would have tried that fried butter!!! I'm sure I will actually try to make it on my own.