Wednesday, April 13, 2011

daily inspiration

Last night I got an unexpected ticket to the sold out My Chemical Romance show at First Avenue. The opening bands were The Architects and Neon Trees. I humbly say that it was one of the best concerts I've seen in a while, for a number of reasons:

1. The first of 3 bands started at 6, so I was home by 10:30.

2. All of the bands were decent.

3. Not a lot of waiting around. Not only did it start on time, but they promptly changed the set between acts.

4. Almost everyone there was WAY into it.

5. It was full of teenagers, but they weren't nearly as annoying as a crowd full of drunks can be.

6. Didn't have to wait in line, walked right in and got a great spot to watch the stage.

7. Completely enjoyed the main act and wasn't bored for a second.

Let me elaborate on that... I have seen shows by artists that I LOVE, and have STILL gotten totally bored because they did a lame set and couldn't keep the energy going. All of the bands were amped up and didn't blab on and on when on the mic- they just brought the music and gave it 100%. It was great. I think I liked every single My Chemical Romance song, never got bored, and would go see them again, even surrounded by teenagers. I actually think... wait for it... that it was worth the $35 bucks!

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