Friday, January 30, 2009

all the rage

why yes it truly is all the rage.

Speaking of rage, my anger has once again subsided, dissolved, resolved. Through my own thoughts and actions! YAY!

Buddy is coming for tacos with me and the boys tonight. A little practice around kids will be good for him.

I am working on the soundtrack of my life--it's fun and exciting and you bet "if he tries anything" is one of the college years, living with ollie songs!


  1. i am watching you from the wings! i love you.

  2. Never saw your comment till today. As we both know, the tacos didn't happen. Nor did the Indian Food. After I took him to Pita House and everything. I wonder how it's going in that corner of Lemonbeard. The Goodman's newest show got a punk review in the trib, too.