Wednesday, January 21, 2009

good intentions

dear diary. i have only the best intentions.

i am going to start doing a.m. yoga at home tomorrow, i have decided. i was going to start today, but once i put the dvd in this morning i learned that you need props for this type of thing.

so that sounds like a good start to my days, right? when the dog is around, he won't be a fan- i can picture the grunts and stares now...

i still might join the gym if they send me that free pass and i like it.

other aspirations this week include finally starting the comet art project and practicing music a lot. because even though next week isn't my audition yet, i am going to make it in the band soon. mark my words!

tonight i am having dinner with an old friend that i am trying to believe doesn't hate me for the mess that i've created. i think it will be ok, the last time i saw her it was before christmas, and time has flown.

so that is my first post. i'm struggling to even continue this blog with the mention of oprah in the first post! barf-a-roo, but just kidding, k.

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