Wednesday, January 21, 2009

for the love of Wednesday

I once had a gorgeous cat named Wednesday. I was mildly allergic to him, but I just had to be careful about the eyes. And yes, his mamma was called Tuesday!

Bear had not been to school since last Wednesday, because thurs and fri were emergency cold days, mon MLK, tues teachers institute, and today he wakes up with a cough and fever. Come on! He's okay, it's just ridiculous that he has been home for so long. Bored.

Work was good yesterday. The whole school was feeling electrified by the inauguration.

My anger/disappointment with Buddy is dying down. I knew all along that he was a distraction. I was hoping it'd be more fun and last a bit longer, though. That's what she said!!!!! I know that he is decent guy, so I think I'll get my KILLER dog tag back one day. I just wish it was now, because otherwise I'll be unsuspecting and it'll bring up negative feelings at a time when perhaps I'd say I was doing well.

You know how it is with those books that are so popular, Oprah'ized and recommended by a zillion people? Well, I am taking Eat Pray Love pretty much Hook Line Sinker. Of course, the author shares so much of her personality that there are quite a few things about her that bug me, but then she's so human I just have to love her.

I have an epic poem inside, I think it'll flow out by my 33rd birthday.

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