Wednesday, August 5, 2009

against my better judgement...

... i am doing a 5k this weekend. "run/WALK", i keep reminding myself, since i haven't exactly been "training". (i hear that's a good idea, even for 3 miles, apparently?) anyway, back in the day i was a 5x/week Y-goer, very consistent and comfortable with an hour of cardio. but that routine never quite got back up to par since my personal life took an unexpected turn over a year and a half ago. so i am pretty nervous about getting out there in an organized event at this point, in front of a bunch of people, people that probably run on a regular basis. part of me thinks that it will be hard, part of me thinks it will be no big deal. but a little different than the treadmill at the Y. really, i think i want to do it because i don't know if i can. so wish me luck!

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