Monday, August 10, 2009

lightning and leather kilts

well, spending the weekend at irish fair here in mn was pretty great. i heard some fantastic music, watched talented dancers, drank lots of free beer, hung out with my friends, ate baked potatoes, and even showed off my darling dog. oh, and did i mention SURVIVING THE 5K?

it was very, very humid and rainy, and i had to stop to walk a couple of times, but i did make it through the race with the help of my friend jimmy the piper running along with me. i looked like a wet tomato by the time we crossed the finish line, but it was well worth it. a little different than the treadmill at the Y. seeing the "end of the line" the whole time definitely would have helped! i think i just need to get outside and try running some more, because apparently people think that this is what i do, now, running. what have I gotten myself into...


  1. Oh my god, that is amazing! I've walked a 5K before, but never ran. I think I would probably die after the first 5 minutes.

  2. running is for criminals and people who wanna be wrinkly (and skinny, okay fine!).