Tuesday, August 25, 2009

have I told you, lately ...

... about WORK?
i have been labeled "top choice" for a job that i interviewed for, and want, even though it's on contract.

... about CRIME?
a woman got raped a block away from my friend's house in NE mpls about a couple of weeks ago. my friend was home at the time, but didn't hear the woman's screams.

... about LEISURE?
i went to a wedding last weekend at a brazilian restaurant that had good food but not enough seats for everyone. we had to ask the kitchen staff for plates and forks and sat on a bench in the garden.

... about ART?
i got a piece in the popular show at the MN state fair in st. paul. opening reception for artists is tonight!

... about FAMILY?
my folks are coming to visit for 10 days starting this friday. time to gear up for that...

... about MONEY?
i just got dumped by my health insurance because i can't afford to pay the COBRA premiums. i need to figure that out as soon as possible.

... about MY DRIVING?
got a ticket from st. paul's finest yesterday driving to work. looks like i can get it off my record if i meet with a hearing officer. still have to pay the $121.00 fine though.

... about MUSIC?
going to De La Soul this thursday! so excited.

... about FOOD?
had a delicious pizza at punch today- it had been too long.

... about TRAVEL?
i am 90% sure i'm going to dallas for the red river shootout in october. that will be a hoot. will check out the texas state fair!

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